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end of the world in 2012 again?

Proper representation in media and pop culture can also have a big impact as well! Looking back in retrospect, a major thing that got me interested in science and mathematics as a child was watching "Short Circuit 2" with the Indian scientist main character Ben, which was the first time I saw someone who looked like me being represented as cool and something to look up to (though in hindsight, maybe not the best example of representation, seeing as it was actually just a white guy in brown face :( ...). My sister has a lot of self doubt about her skills and capabilities, and I can't help but wonder if this might also have been a factor... :(

Mushroom salad today 🥗!! (Can never make them look nice in photos but they taste great!!!)

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thanks :)

Been reading "Freedom at midnight" recently; found it somewhat ironic that while I've faced/am facing the same revelations as Nehru, the impetus for me was moving to Asia from Britain... fml.

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Bad day at work today, and now I feel that same old melancholy again... let's hope a night's sleep will help me suppress my worries again :(😞

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started listening to Minecraft parody songs in the background... involuntarily forced to reminisce of simpler times... taaakeee meeee baccccck!!

every day we stray further from the light... :(