Awww, thanks for the kind words!!! (Yaya, I haven't quite figured out tagging people in a way that Mastodon accepts in my implementation so you might not get a notification....) Hmmm... that's a good question!!! maybe using Irmin would have been a better approach!! Actually I'm not that sure... I just used Postgres because I thought Irmin was just like a git-like replacement storage format for changes and stuff, while I guess Postgres would give me all the SQL goodies... I could be wrong..

Oh!! Sorry for the delay!! Happy to hear OCamlot was helpful for you!! I use the Pleroma instance in the dockerfile to be able to test federation features of my implementation (without polluting the actual real fediverse)

Accidentally read that as "Write better code with McDonalds"... This is your brain on no-adblock 😭😭😭😭

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Yikes!!! Server went down for a bit... not sure why, but restarting it seemed to help!!

Thanks!!! Yep... I tried to optimise the site design for text-mode and no-javascript browsers (while still being mobile responsive). The lack of alt-text is a problem :(, I didn't get round to implementing it for pictures, and once I finished the MVP version, I haven't yet had the chance to get back round to working on it yet... maybe in a year...

Oooh!!! It would be super cool to see something Activitypub in LiquidHaskell! Anyway, I think the thing I miss most when writing in OCaml is the lack of ergonomic metaprogramming support... writing macros takes sooo much time!

made some tea to enjoy some cosy reading/coding... but after I finished procrastinating (HN, youtube etc.), it was all finished :( The eternal struggle

is there such thing as too much sambal chilli? yes. yes there is.

I really don't know why I even bother reading HN sometimes... you hear the most idiotic things being asserted as if they're fact: