I guess there arent really any emoticons kanaya ever used in the comic
@zozo@dice.camp heh
truly the terezi quirk is the hardest to type out
<p><span class="h-card" translate="no"><a href="https://hachyderm.io/@liztai" class="u-url mention">@<span>liztai</span></a></span> <span class="h-card" translate="no"><a href="https://mastodon.art/@enriquericos" class="u-url mention">@<span>enriquericos</span></a></span> I first watched the Tencent adaption which was good with some very good characters (the journalist and the cop). Great scenes like the one with the boat and a wonderful one with the locusts. The Netflix adaption is much more dense but lacks many details while making it easier to understand (I finally understood what happened to Ye Wenjie&#39;s father). Plus there&#39;s a lot of humor in it which I did not know I missed until I watched the Netflix adaption. Both are worth watching.</p>
<p><a href="https://pl.kotobank.ch/users/vaartis" class="u-url mention">@vaartis@pl.kotobank.ch</a> he make all kind of faces like this he's awesome</p>
<p>oh fuck it&#39;s homestuck day im logging off</p>
<p>Unfortun8ly, my several day streak of not falling all the way over is 8roken</p>
<p>amazing video about porting .net (2.0 up to 3.5) to windows 95 <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTUMNtKQLl8" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" translate="no"><span class="invisible">https://www.</span><span class="ellipsis">youtube.com/watch?v=CTUMNtKQLl</span><span class="invisible">8</span></a></p>
@quad@akko.quad.moe @ako@wetdry.world oh same