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Developer of OCamlot. OCaml Hacker, Emacs Developer, PL Researcher.

I've got to say, security researchers seem to have a much better sense of humor than PL ones, at least when it comes to writing error messages for their research prototypes.

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attackers of the world rejoice, I upgraded it to python3

okay, turns out it uses python2 ....

"the paper is slightly different from the actual implementation"

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Frick it, we'll do it live!

About to install an artefact from a security workshop (an automated attack generator).... should I do it in a VM?

First task done already!!!

Bam! Finished writing up my daily todos for the day! Today's going to be a productive day, I hope! :)

Alright, time to get down to work! Feeling slightly back to usual energy levels for the first time in a while!