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Well, I've got a ttrpg game planned on Sunday--- hopefully speaking to people outside the lab might make me feel better....

The annoying thing is that my libraries are finally getting traction and issues and pull requests, but I just can't bring myself to work on them... sorry yall, I'm sure the subtle parsing errors introduced in the latest version of postures are really interesting 🤔 but umm I'm struggling with working out how to deal with living with endemic racism for a year (or two if I'm really unlucky), I'm not sure I care

I forget how grating it can be sometimes to talk to people in the lab... the worst thing about gentrified racism is the way that you always end up feeling gas lit about your concerns.

Hahaha, fuck me... it's back. The existential feelings of dread, the isolation of having no-one to talk to, the struggle of dealing with an endemic racism that is accepted or ignored by the majority.

Sorry to see you go 😞

I use org-mode to generate my site, and a nice feature of that is that it automatically handles syntax highlighting statically -- even better, it even matches the color scheme of my current theme, so the snippets on my website end up looking exactly like I would see when editing them!

I love this idea so much!!! ChatGPT is my favorite safe-space!

fair point

to be fair to the euros, wasn't it mostly driven by the brits (and maybe some french)