oh, wow that was fast

What's it like?

Alright! Finished everything I wanted to, and printed out everything I need to work over the weekend. I guess I can finally go homeeee......

Thanks! Went for a walk and now I'm feeling a bit better

A colleague at work overheard the sound of my voice while talking with other lab-members as a warning that we were returning to the lab, and that it was an opportunity to attempt to covertly leave with friends without others noticing.

Of course, I'm probably sure that the fact that it was my voice that was overheard was not relevant to the decision of leaving, but it still sucks to feel like others were running from your voice... :(

Got a ton of work to do this weekend... :( Staying late at the lab on a fridey sucks....

Managed to acquire a tennis racket from a friend at the lab! I guess I'll be playing tennis this Saturday... Wish me luck!

Remind me to never use relative values for beamer transitions ever again... WTH does this animation do...?

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Oh, and it turns out that this package actually just shells out to cowsay underneath on each invocation, and so now my process is running out of file-handles!