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Britain is interesting in that it has a dynamic, overlapping and changing landscape of racism -- almost every group of immigrants to Britain has faced periods of time when they faced discrimination; it probably helped that as I was growing up, the particular ethnic group under fire was more European immigrants (Polish, Romanians, etc.), while an Indian presence had been more established (owing to India's older colonial relationship with Britain)

Well, nowhere is perfect, but I would say that Britain is a lot better placed than other places I've been; of course Britain still has racism, but it's not overt and done implicitly --- people won't directly discriminate against you based on race (ouch), but there are subtle differences that can be seen when you look at aggregate statistics etc. Because it's subtle and its impacts diffuse, if you're obtuse and strong headed, you can ignore it.

Context: taken from "Freedom at Midnight" and describing the legacy of the Indian army in the eyes of the British

The hell? Would have been nice as a schoolboy to learn that people who looked like me had parts in British history... instead I guess I got to learn about the various irrelevant British Royalty (although conveniently before any colonialism), and left with whoever that Indian character from Big Bang theory as the only representation I had... is it any surprise I grew up ashamed of my ethnicity?

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Thanks 😊 !!! Yeah, I know, I'm more just venting... i get the feeling that this part of the world doesn't really care about this kind of issue, and neither am I invested to care about changing it... it's only 1 year left, and then I can gladly fly off to anywhere else in the world 🌎

On the plus side, got a cuuuuuute plushyyyy!!!!

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Well, I've got a ttrpg game planned on Sunday--- hopefully speaking to people outside the lab might make me feel better....

The annoying thing is that my libraries are finally getting traction and issues and pull requests, but I just can't bring myself to work on them... sorry yall, I'm sure the subtle parsing errors introduced in the latest version of postures are really interesting 🤔 but umm I'm struggling with working out how to deal with living with endemic racism for a year (or two if I'm really unlucky), I'm not sure I care