Good squash sess!!!! Now time for the evening run!!! Let's goooooooo!!!!

hhmmmm... actually I hadn't really thought about that before. Looking at the HTML for my website, I guess it uses inline-styles --- more specifically, the generated tags for code snippets have inline styles that declare their color

Is it me or does the ezlink logo look like glitch art or something? πŸ€”

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mindless videogame time is the best time!!!

I've heard it's been replicated by russian catgirls so you know it's legit.

Went to a Singaporean themed TTRPG today!! It was pretty fun, nice way to take my mind off other things... πŸ™ learnt a lot about Singaporean mythology culture... interesting. Definitely think the horror/exploration style of game is my favorite...

I'm good at beach?

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Finished all my tasks for the weekend... so herrre weee goo Monday!!!!