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AHHH!! Had to do a double take for a second! Luckily, I've deleted my AWS account, so I don't think that could happen to me, but its literally my worst nightmare!

Had a nice week rest, caught up with family, and got to see my grandma!!! Let's get back to research!!!

haha~ sometimes against all odds you do end up missing the bleak overcast skies of Britain!

Back in the UK for a week...

Got caught in a florida rainstorm!!!


I dislike the homogenisation of micro-blogging frontends of late... (what exactly did they pay their web-designers for?), even my frontend has more soul:

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Played tennis! Turns out skills in racket sports aren't as transferable as I thought... but it was still fun!

the fans on my computer just started spinning, and for a second I had a panic because I thought it had started raining....