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oh yeah, good point, although github says that the main traffic came from github itself and my own web page (which doesn't have referring sites), so the mystery remains...

Went to a couple of one-shot games run by a group on meetup covering alternatives to DnD (https://www.altrpgclub.com/). They schedule games at various game cafes around Singapore.

Bought a squash racket today!

Tried playing role-playing games for the first time this week.... WOW, where has this been all my life?

Watched the film "The Duke" at a lab movie night yesterday... 4 or 3/10 by my estimate, a very shallow movie.

People keep on starring the ocamlot repository on github... it must have been shared somewhere, and I need to know where...

Back in Singapore again!

AHHH!! Had to do a double take for a second! Luckily, I've deleted my AWS account, so I don't think that could happen to me, but its literally my worst nightmare!

Had a nice week rest, caught up with family, and got to see my grandma!!! Let's get back to research!!!