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Mushroom salad today 🥗!! (Can never make them look nice in photos but they taste great!!!)

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thanks :)

Been reading "Freedom at midnight" recently; found it somewhat ironic that while I've faced/am facing the same revelations as Nehru, the impetus for me was moving to Asia from Britain... fml.

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Bad day at work today, and now I feel that same old melancholy again... let's hope a night's sleep will help me suppress my worries again :(😞

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started listening to Minecraft parody songs in the background... involuntarily forced to reminisce of simpler times... taaakeee meeee baccccck!!

every day we stray further from the light... :(

Let me plug my own blogggg: gopiandcode.uk (I even have a post about how I wrote this activitypub server that I'm using to send this post!!!)

you and me both captain... :(