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Went to Don Don Qi today and bought some Japanese beef? Then cooked it with some Brie cheese. Anyway, what follows might be an affront to all that is holy in the culinary arts, but let's hope it tastes good 🍖

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Also, felt that the film didn't really criticise Oppenheimer enough for being an "apolitical" scientist (like when he refused to sign the petition near the end), despite spending years of his life working on a literal WMD...

One part that resonated with me the most was near the start when Oppenheimer and associates were complaining about the lack of impact of their theoretical research, despite the urgency of current affairs -- unfortunately in my case, not sure if type theory or proofs will ever be impactful beyond influencing the lives of white collar workers... 😞

Saw Oppenheimer tonight --- it was a decent movie, 6/10; Thanks Cell for inviting!

Fair point, I guess I was true to character then! 😎

But overall, pretty great movie! Enjoyed it all the way through, lots of laughs, good story, solid 8/10!

Always end up looking quite stiff in these photos!!!

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Just saw the Barbie Movie!!!

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but what do you do when there's nothing left to delete?