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Oh nice! That does look similar, although from the image, it seems like what I had might have been a bit softer and with a slightly different consistency

Very productive morning today!! Ticked off a few items I've been procrastinating on for a week. 😀

turns out if I eat it piece by piece, it's actually managable, and dare I say it, tasty? Hmm, more experiments needed...

Saw but not experienced? Best part of snow is building a snowman!

that's just another tuesday in Singapore

Tried making fish with Sambal Chilli today! Think I may have mixed up the sauce amounts --- I guess I was only meant to use a light dollop of the sauce, because this is waaaaay spicy 🔥 📛

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Can't have any design issues if you don't have any users

After a discussion at the lab today, did some further reading on published social studies --- it seems like there's a replicated observation that men are more aggressive than women (although no strong consensus on whether this is primarily due to societal or biological factors).

Given this observation, does that mean that discrimination against men, for example, when considering renting housing, is justified? A little lost here... having faced housing discrimination myself, I can safely say it utterly sucks, and I don't think anyone should face it, but I also understand the importance of making sure everyone feels safe and secure. I really don't know how to resolve these two observations.

Also bought a mocchi? Matcha sweet? but, boy, is it too sweet for me... wow, I could only eat one of them... I'll have to leave the other for tomorrow.

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