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Ended up going to the Board game meetup after all (my waitlist position got upgraded to an RSVP) --- been in a slump recently, so I had assumed that going would leave me feeling drained, but actually found myself having a lot of fun and energised again!

There were similar discussions back in the day in the US no? motivated by creationists etc. against darwinism and such. I guess these kinds of things are just part and parcel of the process of maturing as a country... Now if this is a repetition of history, what I can't wait for is the fedora-tipping brand of aetheism to take hold, and the interwebs to be filled with "uhhmmm, acktuually" indian atheists.

No, just a general board game meetup at a board game cafe~ -- I haven't played many board games (apart from the really mainstream ones (scrabble, monopoly)), so going to a board game cafe is a good way to learn about the types of board games without having to spend a ton.

I'm skipping my morning run today due to a strain, however, every few minutes I keep on thinking I want to go running, but making any movements quickly reminds me of why I'm skipping...

Oh, snap! The board game meetup I was eyeing but procrastinating on signing up for already became full... I guess I try out a different cafe this week...

Implemented screen transitions in a retro style using shaders.... Took a bit to work out how to navigate Raylib's internals, but got it working in the end!

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Anyone seen the anime "Sonny boy"? That was seriously dope.... honestly, one of my most favourite pieces of media full stop.

All eaten! Oh man, it tasted good as well! No seasoning, just fish+salad+sesame sauce... buying a new pan for cooking was a good investment.

Okay, cleaning pots and pans done, time to dig in!