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That's surprising to hear. As an outsider looking in, and having lived in SEA for a few years now, the feeling I've gotten is that culture was less progressive than back home in the UK.

Hard to put a finger on it, it's really a mix of things, but I guess generally, it's kind of the directness of Asian culture~ For example, in the parts of UK I'm from, speaking about physical traits or bringing up stereotypes is generally taboo, while from my experiences with locals, seems like that's not really as strong a thing here.

Living SEA places me in a weird situation; given my ethnicity, I guess I probably look like I fit in, but having been born and raised in the west, I culturally really don't... oh well

Made a mockup of what I want the inventory screen to look like! Awesome... Now to code!

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^U^ Today is a public holiday!!! Guess who's sleeping in today!! Man, my legs are killing me - I could do with the rest.

Don't worry, that's the same for most British people as well, and we live right next to the Scots!

Played the board game "Here to Slay" with 4 players, which was extremely fun~ right at the end, we had a stalemate, where each player was only a few points from winning, and every turn the board would shift in the favour of one player, causing everyone else to gang up on them to prevent them winning in their next turn... (btw, in the end, I sneakily got away with winning the game by, pardon the pun, playing my cards right!)

Ended up going to the Board game meetup after all (my waitlist position got upgraded to an RSVP) --- been in a slump recently, so I had assumed that going would leave me feeling drained, but actually found myself having a lot of fun and energised again!

There were similar discussions back in the day in the US no? motivated by creationists etc. against darwinism and such. I guess these kinds of things are just part and parcel of the process of maturing as a country... Now if this is a repetition of history, what I can't wait for is the fedora-tipping brand of aetheism to take hold, and the interwebs to be filled with "uhhmmm, acktuually" indian atheists.