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Went for the walk! Didn't rain! Made more friends! Awesome!

Yikes! Yep, it does look bad. My only hope is that the event is around ~5:00, so hopefully....

Got a walk planned in the evening, but it's currently raining (pouring) right now.... :(

Going for groceries ended up being a good idea~ the walk was enough to get my thoughts in order, and I was able to muster some more motivation to work on my hobbies!

Perfect, didn't rain and got my groceries done!

It's stopped raining now! ...but the skies are still a little cloudy :( hmmm... should I take the risk and make the 30 minute journey to the shopping center? I will abide by the results of my poor judgement!

Ahh, it started raining... On one hand, it's a good thing I didn't head out to do groceries... but on the other hand, will I have time to do shopping at all today? (I'm going to have to wait for the rain to subside...)

It took me longer than I expected... but! I finally got the UI for the inventory looking to a point where it has some polish...

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Yeah, I guess you're right about the weaker family ties, and that's really a part of western culture that's less appealing to me, but given the breadth and diversity of cultures living in western countries, it really depends which families you ask.