@ignaloidas@not.acu.lt @piggo@piggo.space I am not sure but bittorrent inc. made a modified bitorrent speciifically for distributing streaming video and they maybe are using that.
@Moon@shitposter.club @piggo@piggo.space peertube's p2p streaming is some weird mashup between webtorrent and traditional live. It kinda works, I think? But like 1 minute latency.
@Moon@shitposter.club @piggo@piggo.space sepiasearch.org?
@piggo@piggo.space agreed but this is a very hard problem until home servers are normalized (probably never)
@piggo@piggo.space peertube has rss feeds I believe so someone could make an aggregator that links to the other servers. Might make a good weekend project.
@Moon@shitposter.club Like, we need to topple the monopoly somehow. But you won't do that with a server capable of serving 12 users
<p><span class="h-card" translate="no"><a href="https://weilnboeck.social/@peter" class="u-url mention">@<span>peter</span></a></span> we need to have a German Austria bake off!</p>
@Moon@shitposter.club It feels kind of worthless without content on it to make people actually switch, youtube isn't that great but that's where the content is
@piggo@piggo.space peertube has a thing for p2p streaming but if it's just people downloading the video whenever, I don't think that works. tbh we need bittorrent back.